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Becoming a Member

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We are always looking for people interested in joining our organization.


The members of Hanmi Presbytery shall be the ministers of Word and Sacrament duly enrolled as members, and elder commissioners from each of the particular churches within the bounds of the Presbytery.

How Can You Join?

Every minister seeking membership in the presbytery shall have a call to a pastoral relation within the presbytery or from a governing body or agency as defined in G-11.0410, or be entering a work defined in G-11.0411, for which the receing presbytery shall give its permission, or shall be honorably retired as defined in G-11.0412


As ordained minister of the Word and Sacrament of another denomination may serve as a member on the staff of a church in Hanmi Presbytery only if he/she is a member of a denomination with which this church is correspondence and his/her employment has the prior approval of presbytery. Denominations from which Hanmi Presbytery may choose to receive ministers include the Presbyterian Church in the Republic of Korea, the Presbyterian Church of Korea, and the Korean Presbyterian Church in America.


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